Wine and Wanderlust

from by Nick Stiner



Climb in to this crucible of daffodils and rust
Where spring is born from winter’s war
And summer’s fevered blush

We’ll lose our names among the grain
Like gravel in the grass
But this branch of blood and this rutted mud is the mettle of my cast

With barb wire and bailing twine, I’ll tie my voice in to this verse
Like a troubadour with those songs of lore-
Of Love, loss, mirth.

Cause I was filled with wine and wanderlust
As I wandered down this road
Honey on my tongue, this song in my lungs, I let that feeling go;

So it could rise-rise-rise
‘til it filled your eyes, until it filled these skies

but I’m a gear fixed between the engine and the steam
my furnace heart could ignite the spark
in this dynamo of dreams

but I get tangled in the gossamer of my mind and modernity
my graffiti thoughts on these vacant lots
where labor was left to bleed

when the pistons seize I retreat across these suburban plains
where my hand can graft this withered path
in to the ancient orchards veins

trampled grass and apple cores, and days stained by maple pitch
if this fabric of time could be only mine
I’d take it stitch by s t I t c h

So I could lie-lie-lie
Beneath the shawl of night
In this tapestry of light


from The Wilds of Your Heart, released May 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Nick Stiner Burlington, Vermont

For more information on Nick, his shows, and his music, please visit his official website (link below).

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