Spring Breeze

from by Nick Stiner



There was pollution in my veins
So I cast off from these shores
Left those chimes beneath your window
So you could remember me in storms
And the cold wind would blow, shaking them like so many bones

And while that breeze would conjure waltzes
Singing dance macabre dance
I’d two step by the devil with
That fiddle in his hands

I would fall across the fault lines
I felt that fire breath my name
It said, “son you can run, but one
Day you’ll come to sleep within these veins.”

So I felt the brand of vices
And the virtue of the scars
My life was speckled moments
Like the night littered with stars

I would chase the moon in circles
To hold its fullness in my view
But it undressed inside the darkness
And that is when I knew;

That the resurrection of my love
Would come barren and unbound
That I would have to lose myself
If I was ever to be found
And the shadow of my desire
I should keep within my hands
Til it can shine like diamonds across this land

So I held these arms abandoned
Like the winter’s naked branches
Waiting on the skyline
For the blossom and the balance

And when that spring sun shown
And laid a fever through these trees
I released a handful of violets
My faith just blowing on this breeze

I said so summon up those storms,
Those spring symphonies
Put that thunder in mind
And lay that lighting at my feet

We’ll promenade through prairie fires
As the rain would crash like castanets
And from the quiet hiss of cinder
Our tender secrets grow again

If you can’t reconcile the tame and wild
Lose the lever on this cage
With tethers untied our fledgling flight
Would be weak for all its age
But with these open doors
You could explore the wilds of your heart
And there my lover, we shall start.


from The Wilds of Your Heart, released May 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Nick Stiner Burlington, Vermont

For more information on Nick, his shows, and his music, please visit his official website (link below).

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