Feral Scream

from by Nick Stiner



You fostered a feral scream in the bones that framed your breast
And your heart resounded like a drum that pounded
The skin stretched across your chest

Your blood would wind in cursive lines
Until it spelled the flesh of your motion
Like the wind on waves should spread the rays of warmth across the ocean

Til it settles on your foreign land, til it gives the strength to your hands
You say I’ll burn this bridge and sleep in the ditch
But I won’t construct that dam or I’d be dammed

So the river ran like a hundred hand trying to feel the face of that floor
But you know that face would be erased
And one day be restored

Because those sediments lay like tenements all sprawled across the ground
They all dissolve and re evolve
In this timeless passing sound

Oh my bride of May!
Your vows like outstretched snakes
So sovereign and solemn
Like ivy up the column, begging for the fall

Because all those moving lips
Seemed to form some judas kiss
And Samson’s final act
Was your only growing wish

In the din of days and the nights that ached, you tried to preserve your shape
Like a reed in water or the blade of slaughter-
Without fear and without faith

Then in the failing light you gave a savage cry among the multitudes of mouth
It sung like a thunder cloud so low and loud
While the birds all headed south
For fear of rain.


from The Wilds of Your Heart, released May 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Nick Stiner Burlington, Vermont

For more information on Nick, his shows, and his music, please visit his official website (link below).

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