Fear and Love

from by Nick Stiner



You keep on pulling upon your hem
Showing those men just how you’re made
You say, “I don’t wanna hear your blame
You know we all just gotta get paid”

And “their ain’t no messiahs here
But some clowns with a 2 bit act
If you’re really looking to ascend
They’ll sell you something in the back”

Everyone has their reasons
And they’re not hard to find
I know you got yours love,
But that don’t mean that they are mine

I see a heart full of fear and love
Down upon their knees
Supplicating to the shepherd
Because they believe they are just the seed

Their only wish is to kiss the hand
With which that they’ve been sown
But I fear if you don’t stand up
You just might never grow

And bend a little closer
So I could hold you in the light
You say” I have found what is wrong here
But, lord knows if I know what’s right

I can smell the sweat on the restraints
And I can hear that crowd roar
They tasted just a bit of you blood
But they still want more

You say, “if I could only suffer this weight
If I could only suffer their glance
After they asked me to sing
After they forced me to dance

Do you think that would solve this
Do you think then they’d see:
The flesh and blood that made them
Is the same as a man like me.


from The Wilds of Your Heart, released May 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Nick Stiner Burlington, Vermont

For more information on Nick, his shows, and his music, please visit his official website (link below).

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